Ait Geurts

Ait Geurts

Dutchie in Laos
Laos, Travels, Coffee, Dirtbike, Whiskey

Ait Geurts is from the Netherlands and has been living in Laos since 2007. In 2012 he met his wife Davanh with who he felt hopelessly in love. Ait & Davanh got married in 2014 and are parents since August 2016. Ait lives in Vientiane, the capital in Laos. Working in tourism, he creates unique experiences for visitors to Laos. In his free time, Ait continues to explore Laos by dirt bike. Monday & Thursday evenings, he can be found at the frisbee field.

  • Davanh

    Love of his Life

  • Laos

    New motherland

  • Coffee

    The Black gold

  • Dirtbike

    Preferred vehicle

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